Art Classes

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 fall calendar classes 2021

In our town of Almonte, Ontario, we offer a wide range of creative pursuits to persons young and old and everything in-between! We cater to those of you who have never dabbled in art to those who need to hone their existing knowledge. 

You would be surprised at the range of artistic skills we can teach you.

Glass – work with our instructor to make trays, bowls or an art piece with glass that will be fused right here in our own studio.

Clay – wheel or handbuilding, you choose! Throw or spin bowls, cups, jugs, plates. Make sculptures, vases or planters! We do it all in our studio and bake it right here.

Paint – Oil, acrylic or watercolour. Our teachers have a wealth of knowledge to inspire and teach.

Drawing – maybe you just want to put pen (pencil, crayon, charcoal ) to paper and draw. Not sure which medium is right for you? Take this class!

Sculpt – Yes, you can sculpt in clay. What about casting and creating a mould ? Take a step into the world of special effects to see how to cast your own face, a monster mask (Halloween is coming), or your own sculpture.

Cartooning – make a comic strip that is uniquely yours. Learn about character development, backgrounds and story telling.

And so much more!